Namaste and Welcome
The founding of AAPNA began as a discussion amongst ayurvedic professionals in 2002. We wanted to create a community of ayurvedic professionals with the common goal of growing the presence of ayurveda in integrative health care. AAPNA incorporated in December of 2007, as a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA; it has since grown to unite ayurvedic and integrative medicine health professionals, students, academic institutes, and corporations throughout North America and internationally. Now it has grown to 1630 members from USA, Canada, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Jamaica, Argentina, Belgium, Ukraine, Malaysia, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Nepal, The Netherlands, Thailand, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Chile, Fiji, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ghana, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sri Lanka.

Some of our accomplishments to date are:

  • Bestowing 32 awards annually in ayurveda and Vedic sciences
  • Offering free academic conference calls twice a month (138 to date)
  • Forming a network of alliances with national and international organizations
  • Declaration of “Ayurveda Day” as the first Monday of October each year (this is the eve of the birth of Dhanwantari, the creator of ayurveda)
  • International conferences on ayurveda and vedic sciences and integrative health
  • Offering professional liability insurance for ayurvedic practitioners
  • Recognizing highly talented and accomplished mentors in ayurveda and Vedic sciences
  • More than 60 online articles and research papers posted on our AAPNA website to date

We are committed to sharing ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom and exchanging ideas with integrative health professionals and all who are interested in ayurveda. To learn more, please contact us at contact@aapna.org.

Shekhar Annambhotla, President