8th Con Oct, 2013 – Las Vegas, USA

Are you missing something important ?

    • More than 20 presentations
    • Each presentation is 40 minutes of in depth knowledge
    • One track of presentations – you won’t miss any of them
    • 4-day conference
    • 9 meals are included in conference registration
    • Affordable stay at Alexis All Suites Resort – $89 per night, not in strip malls
    • 20 hours CEUs Certificate toward AAPNA membership renewal
    • Networking with ayurveda, yoga, integrative health professionals

Key presentation topics  include –

      • Ayurvedic Holistic Approach in the Treatment of Cancer
      • Potential Role of Ghee in Cancer Care
      • Evidence Based Cancer Treatment with Sattva Increasing Herbs, Nutrition & Lifestyle
      • Love Heals All: Considering Consciousness in Cancer
      • Evaluation and scope of Sushrut’s Ligation with Compression Gradient technique on Keloid and alike conditions
      • Non-pharmacological approach in Cancer
      • Role and limitations of an Ayurvedic practitioner in Integrative approach for the management of Cancer in United States
      • Evidence based cancer therapy: A Review of Ayurvedic Literature
      • The Psycho-spiritual Basis of Cancer Pathogenesis and Healing
      • Energy Medicine approach for Cancer Care – Case presentation
      • Role of Ayurveda Before, During and After Chemotherapy
      • Breast Cancer Awareness – An Ayurvedic Approach
      • Integrative Approach in Cancer Management for Synergistic outcomes
      • Utilizing Medico-legal Tools: The Key to Lawsuit Prevention and Tax Reduction
      • Effect of Ayurveda in Hodgkin’s Management – A Clinical Study
      • Jyoti on Prakruti – Planetary influences on the Doshas from the Vedic Astrological Perspective
      • Secondary Prevention in the Care of Cancer Patients — Practical Approaches & Ayurvedic Counseling
      • Ayurveda-A Quantum Paradigm Shift

The presenters include –

      • Dr. Vaidya Dilip Gadgil, BAMS, MD (Ayu), MPhil, MA – India
      • Dr. Vaidya Vivek Shanbhag, BAMS, MD (Ayu), ND – California, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath, B.Sc., BAMS, RAC – California, USA
      • Sandeep Agarwal, MBA – New Jersey, USA
      • Dr. Prof. J.N. Mishra, PhD (Ayu) – India
      • Dave Lesinski, R.A.P. – California, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Dhanada Kulkarni, BAMS – Texas, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Ashlesha Raut, BAMS, MD (Ayu) – Illinois, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Jayagopal Parla, BAMS, MD (Ayu), MAOM, California, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Anupama Kizhakkaveetil, BAMS, MAOM, LAc, PhD(C)- California, USA
      • Dr. Raakhi Siva Mohan, M.D., M.P.H., ERYT – California, USA
      • Dr. Richaritha Gundlapalli, MD, FAAP, – Texas, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Pratibha Shah, BAMS, MD (Ayu), MPH – Massachusetts, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Manisha Madhavi, BAMS – New Jersey, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Amit Gumman, BAMS, MPH, MD, PhD – Oklahoma, USA
      • Daniel J. McNeff – CEO, Legally Mine, California, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya Suresh Swarnapuri, BAMS, MD (Ayu) – Ireland
      • Juanita Manis, ERYT – Georgia, USA
      • Dr. Paul Dugliss, MD – Maine, USA
      • Dr. Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan, Ph.D. – Boston, MA, USA
      • Dr. Vaidya. R. Govind Reddy, BAMS, MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu) – India
      • Dr. Ravindra Khadilkar, BAMS – India

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